Online Marketing

"Our online marketing solutions are designed to enhance your online presence"

Our online marketing solutions that Take Flight Creative are designed to integrate with your existing communications strategy and enhance your online presence. Here are a few examples:

Social Media

The hottest trend in online marketing is leveraging the social aspects of the web – notably Facebook and Twitter – to spread the word about products and services. As with other online marketing solutions, when implemented well a social media strategy can boost the visibility of your organization and improve customer engagement and discovery. We can help you develop a strategy tailored to your organization and even integrate the social experience as part of your website.

Video Streaming & Delivery

From live and on-demand video streaming to downloadable presentations, video delivery can have a dramatic impact in your online communications. To learn more about these services, visit our video production section.

Blogging & Podcasting

While not in the spotlight as much as social media, blogging remains a foundational tool for communicating online. Businesses and organizations can leverage blogging and podcasting to truly enhance customer interaction and engagement. Not only can we get you up and running with quality blogging and podcasting solutions (including iTunes podcasting integration), we also offer consultation services to help you maximize its effectiveness.

Email Marketing

While spam gets a (deservedly) bad rap, legitimate opt in e-mail marketing can be an incredibly effective solution. When done well, e-mail marketing can improve traffic to your website, customer engagement, and even sales. We can help you design and implement a strategy for your e-mail marketing campaigns – starting from the technical and aesthetic considerations to the practical integration into your communications activities.


Search engine optimization is often touted as the end-all be-all solution to online marketing. In reality, it is important but often over-emphasized and misunderstood. At its core SEO is about best practices for your site – its coding, its compatibility, and its content. At Take Flight Creative, we are very familiar with implementing these best practices so that your site is appropriately indexed and as relevantly placed in rankings as possible.

Online Ads

Many people assume that buying ad space online is a difficult or expensive proposition. But in fact the opposite can be true when done right. Whether it's finding the appropriate service or creating the ads, we can help you find an effective approach while keeping your budget in line.

Traffic Assessment

In order to better utilize the marketing tools at your disposal, it’s important to be able to see what’s happening on your site and the impact your campaigns are having. To that end, Take Flight Creative can implement the tools needed for a detailed assessment of the traffic on your site and advise on strategies for improving ROI.

For information on any or all of these services, contact us or request a quote online now.