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5 Keys to Great Company Videos

Here are 5 keys to using video to promote your company’s culture for improved customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Tell Your Brand’s Stories with Video

Tell Your Brand’s Stories with Video
More and more, brands are not simply defined by their products and services, but also by the stories they, and their consumers, share. And everyone—including your brand—has a story to tell.

Project Treasure video wins Silver Telly!

Project Treasure video wins Silver Telly!
The Telly Awards has named Gate6 as a Silver winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled "Project Treasure Overview".

Why Brands Need Video

Learn how video can be a powerful tool in marketing, building your brand and connecting with your audience

The Power of Design

It's easy to underestimate how powerful and influential design is. In fact, really great design is sometimes hard to see unless you’re looking for it. In this post we explore the importance and power of design in any organization

Tips for Making Social Marketing Count

Social media activity is only projected to grow and continue to evolve. So if you're planning to utilize social media for marketing, it's important to make your investment of time and resources count -- here's a few tips for doing so

Why Social Media Counts…And Why It’s Not Enough

Social media is hot right now, and will be for the foreseeable future. With hundreds of millions on Facebook, and millions using Twitter and LinkedIn, social media is a critical component of virtually any marketing strategy. So why isn’t marketing via social media alone enough? Here’s a few reasons.

Your Website Code Is Important

Why worry about standards-compliant code for your website if it's not strictly necessary? Here's how it can have a major impact on your site's performance and end-user experience

Website Performance: Speed Matters

Athletes know the key to success hinges on high-level performance. Similarly, websites & applications can gain a competitive edge through fine-tuned performance. Read more of the next-in-series "Creative a Successful Web Presence"

Usability: Look Great, Work Great

Recent changes and trends online have served to highlight a very clear need and web development services – the user experience. And a major benchmark of successful web design is the quality of the end-user experience. We tackle this subject in the next in our series, "Creating a Successful Web Presence"

Creating a Successful Web Presence

For anyone whose organization conducts any type of communication or service via their website, there's good news: the Internet is getting better. And with multiplied methods for connecting online, the Internet is becoming more important to our daily lives

Inspiration Is Oxygen for the Creative Soul

Oxygen gets broken down, repurposed, converted. The creative soul needs the same from inspiration. It needs nourishment, cultivation, and blessing. It's what moves the heart and mind to action. It's what gives us energy and emotion.

Understanding Branding

As someone who works in the field of marketing, branding is a term I hear and use very often. It's not uncommon that I'll have someone say, "I'm not sure what you mean – what is branding? And what does it mean for me?" At a fundamental level, branding deals with the perception of an organization based on an encounter or experience with it. Branding is about identification.