Featured Project: Sigma Frog Website
"The design elements combine to produce a contemporary and eye-catching design"

Featured Project: Sigma Frog Website

Posted by   //  Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We were approached to produce a new website for Sigma Frog Software Solutions, tasked with designing a custom, branded front-end built in HTML5, and implementing an easy to use content management system (CMS).


The design of the site was inspired by the cultural background of the company. We were asked to produce a concept that would reflect Costa Rican influences and styles, as well as combine it with a modern look and feel that reflected the technology focus of the brand.

The direction of the design was strongly influenced by the natural colors of the Costa Rican landscape, as well as by flourishes inspired by the local art. The layout, fonts, and supporting elements combine to produce a contemporary and eye-catching design.

Content Management & Coding

The CMS provides the client with fine controls over the content of the site and its structure, including a custom set of global settings to manage key components. A highly flexible navigation structure makes adding, editing, and removing pages very easy.

Detailed attention was given to the website’s layout and underlying code, to enhance the loading speed of the site and maintain compatibility across browsers.

The Results

The Sigma Frog project was a project that allowed us to explore a unique aesthetic and employ a variety of techniques to make the site look its best, run efficiently, and be easy for the client to manage.

Sigma Frog Website

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