For anyone whose organization conducts any type of communication or service via their website, there’s good news: the Internet is getting better. And while the methods for connecting online have multiplied – think mobile devices, apps, net connected TVs, and more – this only proves that the Internet is becoming more useful and more important to our everyday lives.

But there’s a catch…

The catch is that the same techniques that worked for websites in connecting with your audience a few years ago may not be as relevant – or may even be completely irrelevant – today. It also means that in addition to the central website there are many additional methods available for connecting with your audience. That means it’s critical for organizations with a web presence to understand how to integrate their online communications and presence with the changes that are sweeping the web.

Website performance articles:

Relevance, quality and performance are at the forefront of our minds as we are developing websites and applications for our clients. In this upcoming series, I’ll be highlighting some important components of web design and development that create a successful brand presence online.

It's critical to integrate your communications and marketing with the changes sweeping the web